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Programs for General Audiences:

Programs are $200 plus travel, no travel costs within 50 miles of Collinsville, OK.

Origami Workshops
Chess Demonstrations/Workshops
Author Visits - Escapade Johnson and The Sapphire Knight

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Programs for Librarians and Educators:
These are programs I have offered in the past; programs can be altered to fit your needs. Fees for
presentations are $1,000 plus travel for a program/half day, $1,500 plus travel for multiple programs
or a full day.

Why Boys Reading Gets a Bad Rap:
THAT's what you want to read? It is a dilemma that teachers and parents alike face with reluctant boy
readers. The one book they are willing to pick up is the one book you don't want him to read. Hear
what boys like to read, why, and what it means for you from the author books for boys to read and
books about boys and reading.

Connecting Boys With Books:
Boys are in trouble. All right, it seems boys are always in trouble, but this is serious. Boys are failing to
read at an alarming rate. Libraries are not solving the problem because boys are not a presence in
libraries. Find out how we lose boys, and why, what the consequences are for boys, and what we as
librarians can do to save boys from lives as non-readers. Michael Sullivan brings more than fifteen
years experience as a Children’s Librarian and Library Director, storyteller, chess teacher, and author
of the book Connecting Boys With Books ( ALA , 2003), Connecting Boys With Books 2: Closing the
Reading Gap ( ALA , 2009) and The Fundamentals of Children’s Services ( ALA , 2005). He will share
practical, proven, and sometimes off-beat suggestions on how to turn boys into life-long readers.

Connecting Kids With Stories:
Storytelling is a great way to reach kids, and can be an even better outlet for the kids themselves.
Storytelling stimulates imagination, reinforces memory, and broadens the experience of language,
especially for those kids who have difficulty with the written word. A picture is worth a thousand
words, but a story is a living picture that is composed of words and so much more. Storyteller Mike
Sullivan shows you how to use storytelling in your own work, and how to encourage kids to tell stories

The Fragile Future of Public Libraries:
Public Libraries are in trouble. Slashed budgets, librarian shortages, governmental and social
pressure on library collections and policies, even the closing of many public libraries. Meanwhile,
library advocates smugly claim that the public library will never go away, and technological futurists
confidently assert that public libraries will go the way of the horse and buggy. What are the real
challenges and the real dangers? What is merely mirage? If public libraries really are in danger, what
can we do to assure a place in the future?

The Power of Children’s Services:
Children’s Services drive public libraries, but they are not as effective as they could be, so libraries
are not as strong as they could be. Children’s librarians are dedicated, focused, hard working, but
they often fail to take into account the importance of everything other than direct service to children.
Directors are pressed for time, short on resources, harried, and often fail to understand the impact of
children’s serves on the rest of the library. This workshop will address issues such as the place of
Children’s Services in the library and the larger community, resource allocation, statistics, budgeting
and justification, and the different languages children’s specialists and administrators speak.

Breaking All the Rules:
Which is more important, the way we have always done things, or the person standing before your
circulation desk? Think carefully, the future of your library may depend on your answer. One library
maverick will challenge every assumption about public libraries. Hold on tight; this will be a ride.
Two New Books to
Base Programs On!

Coming Summer 2013
Fundamentals of
Children's Services
2nd edition

Coming Fall 2013
Raising Boy