Robert T. Bakker. Raptor Pack. [Random House Readers, Level 5] (Random House, 2010)
First, a story about a day in the life of dinosaurs. Fantasy, right? Then all the science that makes the
story plausable. Like a detective working backwards towards his conclusion, Dr. Bakker shows how
scientists unravel a world of creatures we never met, but have come to know so well.

Catherine Chambers. Ape Adventure. [DK Readers, Level 3] (DK Publishing, 2008)
They are so like us in so many ways, but people can be the greatest danger apes face. Luckily, some
people go to great lengths, and go all over the world, to help save these incredible animlas.

Karen Chin and Thom Holmes. Dino Dung: The Scoop on Fossil Feces. [Step Into Reading, Level 5]
(Random House, 2004)
Boys love dinosaurs, bugs, fossils, and poop. Well, this book features the fossilized remains of
dinosaur dung-eating beetles!

Emma Ryan. Surprising Swimmers. [Scholastic Reader, Level 2] (Scholastic, 2013)
Some animals you expect to see in the water, but tigers? How about an entire island of swimming

Mo Willems. "Elephant & Piggie" Series
Today I Will Fly. (Hyperion, 2007)
My Friend is Sad. (Hyperion, 2007)
I am Invited to a Party! (Hyperion, 2007)
There is a Bird on Your Head. (Hyperion, 2007)
I Love My New Toy! (Hyperion, 2008)
I Will Surprise My Friend! (Hyperion, 2008)
Are You Ready to Play Outside? (Hyperion, 2008)
Watch Me Throw the Ball! (Hyperion, 2012)
Elephants Cannot Dance! (Hyperion, 2009)
Pigs Make Me Sneeze! (Hyperion, 2009)
I am Going! (Hyperion, 2010)
Can I Play Too? (Hyperion, 2010)
We Are In a Book! (Hyperion, 2010)
I Broke My Trunk! (Hyperion, 2011)
Should I Share My Ice Cream? (Hyperion, 2011)
Happy Pig Day! (Hyperion, 2011)
Let's Go for a Drive! (Hyperion, 2012)
Listen to My Trumpet! (Hyperion, 2012)
How do you tell a friend that his music really, really, really stinks?!?
A Big Guy Took My Ball! (Hyperion, 2013)
Can I Play Too? (Hyperion, 2010)
Only Mo Willems can write a sweet kid's story about including others while picking fun at cute kid's
books about including others.
My New Friend Is Fun! (Hyperion, 2014)

Bonnie Worth. Looking for Bigfoot. [Random House Readers, Level 4] (Random House, 2010)If
Bigfoot is a myth, then why is it one that never seems to go away? Here is a first look at the mystery
through ancient artifacts, first hand accounts, and all the way to the recorded evidence. Read it and
decide for yourself.
Early Readers
Suggestions by Michael Sullivan
Early Readers are books between the read-to-me picture books and independent reading. They include books called "I Can Read"
and "Step Readers". They are short, brightly illustrated, with carefully controlled vocabulary. Step Readers are usually "leveled",
marked with numbers that you progress through until you are a truly independent reader. Every publisher determines what those
levels are, so look carefully.
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Mary Kay Carson. Deadly and Dangerous. [American Museum of Natural History Easy Readers, Level 2]
(Sterling Children's Books, 2013)
A gentle introduction to fierce creatures. And the deadliest of them all is on the last page. Can you
guess which one it will be?

David Macaulay, with Sheila Keenan. Toilet: How It Works. [My Readers, Level 4] (MacMillan, 2013)
t's such a simple thing. a toilet... or os it? Inquiring little minds want to know. And for those visual
learners, nobody is better than David Macaulay. Follow this picture journey down the... well, you know.

Mark Dubowski. Discovery in the Cave. [Random House Readers, Level 4] (Random House, 2010)
A spectacular gallery of art, buried for almost 20,000 years, and the regular boy who brought it to light.
The art of the caveman can still enthrall us.