Elementary Boys: Sports

Fred Bowen. "All Star Sports Story" (Series)
For fans of Dan Gutman, Fred Bowen too combines sports action with sports history. His "All Star
Sports Story" series books are shorter than his others, quick reads for the sports fans out there.
The Final Cut. (Peachtree, 2009) [Basketball]
Full Court Fever. (Peachtree, 2009) [Basketball]
The Golden Glove. (Peachtree, 2009) [Baseball]
The Kid Coach. (Peachtree, 2009) [Baseball]
Off the Rim. (Peachtree, 2009) [Basketball]
On the Line. (Peachtree, 2009) [Basketball]
Playoff Dreams. (Peachtree, 2009) [Baseball]
T.J.'s Secret Pitch. (Peachtree, 2009) [Baseball]
Winners Take All. (Peachtree, 2009) [Baseball]

Fred Bowen.
No Easy Way: The Story of Ted Williams and the Last .400 Season. (Dutton, 2010)
Bowen tells, in spare text and with illustrations reminiscent of Norman Rockwell, the simple story of T
ed Williams, who wouldn't go into the record books with a tainted record and anything less than a full
season of hitting .400, a feat that has not been matched in seven decades. This is a baseball biography
for even the very young; read this to a future Hall of Famer in your life.

Fred Bowen. "Fred Bowen Sports Stories" (Series)
Quarterback Season. (Peachtree, 2011) [Football]
Sports books often deal with the moment; this one looks at all those moments that make a season. Told
convincingly in the voice of an eigth grade quarterback, with all the excitement, dissappointments,
jealousy, and satisfaction of school sports, this is the freshest sports book of the year.
Real Hoops. (Peachtree, 2011) [Basketball]
Throwing Heat. ( Peachtree, 2010) [Baseball]
Jack Lerner is a flame thrower. Still in middle school, he is starting to compare his pitching speed with
major leaguers, but in a new league the hitters don't seem impressed. Are his baseball dreams only
that? How hard does he have to throw? This is the story of a thrower faced with the daunting task of
becoming a pitcher.
Touchdown Trouble. (Peachtree, 2009) [Football]
Every sports story has that "Uh-Oh" moment, when everything that was sure becomes unsure, when
everything is on the line. Sports are that way, so sports stories, at least the good ones, are as well. This
Fred Bowen beauty has the best kind of uh-oh moment. You will never see it coming, and when it
happens, you won't believe you didn't see it coming.
Hardcourt Comeback. (Peachtree, 2010) [Basketball]
Dugout Rivals. (Peachtree, 2010) [Baseball]
Soccer Team Upset. (Peachtree, 2009) [Soccer]

Matt Christopher. “Soccer Cats” (Series): [Soccer]
The Captain Contest. (Little, Brown, 1999)
Operation Babysitter. (Little, Brown, 1999)
Secret Weapon. (Little, Brown, 2000)
Hat Trick. (Little, Brown, 2000)
Master of Disaster. (Little, Brown, 2001)
Heads Up. (Little, Brown, 2001)
All Keyed Up. (Little, Brown, 2002)
You Lucky Dog. (Little, Brown, 2002)

Dan Gutman. "Baseball Card Mysteries" (Series) [Baseball]
Honus & Me. (HarperCollins, 1997)
Jackie & Me. (HarperCollins, 1999)
Babe & Me. (HarperCollins, 2000)
Shoeless Joe & Me. (HarperCollins, 2002)
Mickey & Me. (HarperCollins, 2003)
Abner & Me. (HarperCollins, 2005)
Satch & Me. (HarperCollins, 2006)
Jim & Me. (HarperCollins, 2008)
Ray & Me. (HarperCollins, 2009)

Mike Lupica. Game Changers. (Scholastic, 2012) [Football]
Everyone thinks the quarterback has to be a leader on a football team. But does a leader have to be a
quarterback? And does being a quarterback make you a leader? Mike Lupica is back with his best book
since Heat, doing what he does best, reminding all of us why we love the game.

Mike Lupica. "Mike Lupica’s Comeback Kids" (Series)
Hot Hand. (Philomel, 2007) [Basketball]
Long Shot. (Philomel, 2008) [Basketball]
Safe at Home. (Philomel, 2008) [Baseball]
Two Minute Drill. (Philomel, 2007) [Football]

Mike Lupica.
The Underdogs. (Philomel, 2011) [Football]
A feel good story with tons of football action from the dean of juvenle sports fiction. Something for the
guys to read until Sports Center comes on. With a kick-butt girl player too.

Ken Roberts. Thumb on a Diamond. (Groundwood Books, 2006) [Baseball]

Kurtis Scaletta.
Jinxed. [Topps League Stories] (Amulet, April 2012) [Baseball]
Oh the minor leagues! Goofy players, strange superstitions, rodents, dugout gags, and desperate young
players who will do ANYTHING to end a slump. The start of a very funny sports series for the young fan.

Lisa Wheeler, illustrations by Barry Gott. Dino-Basketball. (Carolrhoda, 2011) [Basketball]
High-powered basketball lingo, tongue-twisting dinosaur names, and dizzyness-inducing pictures. All a
little guy could want from a picture book!
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